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A trusted resource. 

Having a knowledgeable companion to assist your loved one during medical appointments can be a significant benefit.

Having a professional attend appointments with your loved one:

  • Provides an advocate to ensure you maximize your benefits and get the best care from your medical team.
  • Allows for coordination between professionals and providers.
  • Ensures that care is carefully tracked and followed.

 Staying on top of your finances.

Sometimes mail and bills can become difficult to keep up with leading to unpaid bills or bills being paid more than once. This can be an indicator that assistance is needed. We provide critical support for people to continue to live independently. Sometimes, to remain independent for years, the only support that your loved one might need is help with paying the bills!

This service is particularly valuable for:

  • Individuals with declining memory.
  • Those with stress or chronic conditions.
  • Caregivers living at a distance or with time constraints.

Age with Ease’s registered financial gerontologist can assist with financial tracking and day-to-day bills for your loved ones. Services can be as simple or as detailed as needed including collaborative bill paying with coaching, complete bill management, and comprehensive monthly reports.