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Do you need someone to just check in and be ready to respond on a moment’s notice?

An Age with Ease specialist meets with your loved one and begins forming a relationship. Your loved one may be hesitant to accept help, but we’ll take the time to build a relationship and match your loved one with someone who will be a good fit.

Any time of day, reliable support is only a call away and we can let you know how your loved one is faring.

A trusted companion.

Often as people age they have limited options to get out of the house. People who frequently went to the farmer’s market, to the mall, or even just for coffee with friends may now have no one to go with them, and they may not want to go alone. As a result, less time is spent outside of the home leading to social isolation and depression, and even severely declining health.

Contact us anytime to find out how and learn about the many ways that our gerontologists can help you and your family.