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Health & Wellness

Be well and prosper. Be the happiest you.

Taking a proactive approach to your health and wellness is essential to remaining independent and happy. An active lifestyle, healthy eating, stress management, and preventive health care are keys to thriving in your later years.  The health behavior choices we make every day along with the attitude and spirit with which we live our lives can make a positive and lasting difference.

Living well is well within our control. 

A healthy lifestyle does not have to feel overwhelming or complicated. The goal is not a major lifestyle overhaul, but rather small, sustainable changes—the effects of which add up. Simple steps taken over time will significantly improve your quality of life by helping to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

Many factors have been shown to increase and maintain health and well being including:

  • Adequate nutrition and hydration.
  • Developing a strategy to increase and incorporate wellness and healthy habits.
  • Exercise to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • Reduction of stress.

Nurturing your body, mind, and spirit in a holistic manner will help to grow older in optimal health and maximize your wellness.

Financial & Legal Readiness

Why it’s important to have a conversation now.

Being prepared can ease potential burdens. Financial readiness and planning is important at any age and is essential as you grow older. Ensuring that you have adequate resources to support your independence to live where and how you want increases options.

A thorough analysis of your financial situation today can help to ensure that you are in sync with your future goals. Age with Ease assists those approaching retirement to develop a plan to increase their ability to remain self-sufficient and independent in later years. Whatever your goals are, having an expert to discuss your current and future situation is beneficial.

Most people have very specific wishes about how they want their care to be handled in their final years. Often these wishes are not communicated leading to confusion, anger, and rifts in family relationships that last for years. It’s so important that your wishes are known, documented, and discussed with your loved ones and health care providers, particularly should you be unable to state your preferences. By assessing your financial and legal situation now, you can rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones are cared for in the time to come.

Meet with an Age with Ease specialist to:

  • Map out your finances for later life and plan how to best spend your resources.
  • Understand programs like Medicare and its many parts to maximize your benefits.
  • Create the documents you need in the future to ensure that your end-of-life wishes are honored.

Start the discussion today. A knowledgeable and caring Age with Ease specialist will guide you to make some of the most difficult decisions in your life.

Connection & Community

Staying engaged leads to fulfillment, happiness, and independence.

It’s never too late to learn something new, pick up an old hobby, or just get out for a walk. It’s critical to remain active and involved as you grow older. Get in touch, visit neighbors, love animals, relish in laughter, and have fun. Getting older does not mean having less—it can mean having more.

The idea of retirement has changed. Who do you know that actually does nothing when they retire? We see people of all types and of all ages making a difference in their communities, finding new things that interest them, and even starting new businesses.

Ways to stay connected:

  • Volunteer in the community.
  • Maintain a part-time job.
  • Take advantage of educational or exercise classes.
  • Attend community outings, visit museums, and see plays or musicals.
  • Travel.

In later years we often have more time to enjoy life. Contact us to talk about ideas on staying active and involved.

Our goal is to empower the individual and promote healthy aging.

Each person is unique; we tailor our services to fit you and your goals. One of our specialists would love to speak with you. Please call 877-241-6445 today.