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Our vision is to create communities for all ages.

Most people want to grow older in the home and neighborhood they have grown to love over the years. The idea of leaving one’s beloved home or community is not even considered—people continually and consistently want to stay at home.

The desire to live at home or age-in-place, creates a critical need for planners, elected officials, block clubs, and community groups to plan for a community that nurtures and supports individuals of all ages.

With forward thinking and positive intention, communities can provide opportunities for older residents to:

  • Remain active and engaged.
  • Give back to the causes that matter to them as a volunteer, mentor, or leader.
  • Find support to remain at home.
  • Continue to learn and try new things.
  • Connect with neighbors, friends, and form new relationships.
  • Remain confident that streets, pathways, and public spaces are designed with consideration for all ages.
  • Rest easy knowing they have adequate support in their community to allow them to stay at home.

Age with Ease works alongside community planners and elected officials, businesses, and non-profit organizations to develop a detailed and customized approach to benefit their community. We provide you assistance in strategic planning, development, and implementation of new initiatives. We provide proven methods to engage both younger and older adults in community movements and more.

Contact us today to discuss your community and the many opportunities in your area.

Programs designed for communities.

Age With Ease programs are fashioned to support a growing demographic. We work in concert with community residents and planners, elected and public officials, and other stakeholders to create programming that meets the specific goals of residents within your community.

With our support your community can:

  • Help people to age as they wish in your community.
  • Conduct specialized outreach.
  • Create meaningful roles and increasing volunteerism.
  • Help residents to age in place.
  • Grow your organization using the talents of members.
  • Help residents to improve their health.

Contact Age with Ease to discuss the unique aspects of your community and how we can work together to develop specialized strategies and programming that reflects the interests of residents and creates more opportunities within your neighborhood.