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One of the most challenging aspects of aging can be when your loved ones begin to tell you what to do, and they don’t just stop there – they  then tell you when you should do it, why, and where. Often, those who are giving this “advice” are adult children or other loved ones who, though they mean well, are driving you insane. And believe it or not, you are probably driving them a bit insane too.

Now, I don’t really think that anyone is trying to drive us crazy or boss us around – the fact of the matter is that when you see a loved one growing older – all of your own feelings about your own aging come up. You begin to worry about Mom, and when she isn’t there anymore. People get worried that they are going to have to care for their mom, dad, or neighbor – and next thing you know – there are suggestions about moving into a “senior home” or “getting help.” Do you really need to consider these things? Well, with some careful thought you might be surprised how you can really become clear about what you want, what is most important for you, and how you are going to keep those aspects of your life as part of your plan no matter what happens.

The truth of the matter is that people can live very well on their own as they age. With some advance thought about what you really want as you grow older, and then some planning to get your home to support you as you age, some assessment of and attention to getting you in the best physical and mental health, an honest look at your finances, and true examination of what is most important to you in your day to day life – you can truly Age as you Wish. You can begin planning today. In fact – at Age with Ease – we recommend it.

Get clear on what you want – then when you get “advice”, you can see how it fits into your plan. Call or contact us today and see how we can get started planning for your future.

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