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future ahead conceptIt is never too early to begin planning. You see, starting to think about what you are wanting for your future is something that takes a bit of time to do. There are many different categories to consider, and your future goals will differ once you talk to loved ones, friends, and other important people in your life. Consider:

Where do you want to live? Sometimes people are so set in their “I want to stay in my home” mindset that they refuse to think about other options. Well, the bottom line is that your current house with the bathroom and bedrooms upstairs might not work if you have mobility limitations. You don’t want to wait until a fall to realize that you cannot live at home, or heaven forbid – you slip and break a leg and are told you can’t go home (!) – if you can be proactive in your approach, you will have more options.

For example, if what you are really wanting is to live in your neighborhood independently – are there apartments that have an elevator that will support you as you age-in-place? What about a ranch home rather than a victorian? What about a first floor apartment rather than a 3rd floor walk-up?

Is it that you are concerned that if you can’t live at home you need to be in a nursing home? This is old thinking – there are many options and opportunities for you to live in an environment that supports  you as you age. A setting that enables you to live independently for longer because you have access to the things you need and the ability to get them. This does not mean living in Senior Living or Senior Apartments – it means really thinking about what will help you in the future.

Do you have a health condition that might need to be considered when you are thinking about the future? What if, for example, your eyes are declining – but you need to drive everywhere you go because you live in a suburban or rural area? How can you still live independently but have access to the amenities you need in your day to day life?

Do you really want to be in another area – closer to family, in different weather, or just live an adventure that you can’t see because you are stuck at home? Let’s begin to think about what is really important for you, and how you can make a plan to get there.

Your living environment is so important – you deserve to live in a place that supports, not inhibits,  you to live your life as you choose. Begin thinking about your future living arrangements today, and make plans to create the best living situation for you.

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