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For most of us, as we age, we have fewer relationships than we once did. We often find that our relationships that we have become deeper, and we are closer to our loved ones.

Unfortunately, as is the reality of aging, we lose our friends along the way. Our family grows older with us and we experience losses. The challenge is to continue to remain connected when our circle of friends and connections is shrinking.

Research tells us about the risks inherent in becoming isolated, or lonely. In their book Loneliness researchers John Cacioppo and William Patrick share startling statistics about the physical and psychological tolls of loneliness. The impact of caregiving for a loved one has also been well-documented as a stressor and a contributor to isolation.

How do we, then, continue to build connections when our world is shrinking? A number of community-based organizations have developed to assist people to remain connected as they age. Forward Chicago is a grassroots, all volunteer organization that has developed so community members can remain active, involved, and influential as they age. This organization is created BY community members, not for them and focuses to bringing people together in causes and activities that they care about. Members frequently say that they want to make new friends, try new activities, and try again the activities they once enjoyed.

Finding connections through organizations like Forward Chicago can help individuals and communities to stay connected.  Faith-based organizations and other lifelong interest groups can also be a way for people to remain connected as they age. Volunteering is a super way to contribute to causes you care about and has been shown to lift people from depression and isolation.

Age with Ease believes in the importance of connection – feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can get connected to what is happening in your community.